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Monday, August 9, 2010

Give them an experience to remember

In the course of daily life, we’re repeatedly bombarded by advertising messages. From the grocery store to the bank, the gas station to the local pub; something is for sale each moment of the day. As a teenager (admittedly still today too!), I’m inspired by the words of significant idols in my life. David Lee Roth of Van Halen who said ‘I don’t just want to spend my money buying things; I want to spend it having experiences.’ This comment resonates with me; and connects to my professional endeavours quite closely. We’ve had the good fortune to be included in some tremendous experiences by incredible marketers. In the space that I label “experiential marketing” opportunity exists to build your stable of brand ambassadors by treating them in a manner that turns them into champions; blogging, tweeting and sharing their positive experience with you to a new, broader market.

Events that engage your customers and constituents have proven they can return value multiple times that of some traditional forms of advertising. Selling something isn’t the goal. Building relationships is. The idea of sharing content, offering something freely to consumers, has become a foundation in the new marketing sphere of online communications. Parlaying this into experiential events, ripe with rich content, valuable information sharing and engagement is a necessary consideration in building your brand and winning loyalty. Integrating product placement through cross promotions enhances the experience too; partnerships and alliances can be very valuable in generating interest. Like-minded alignment translates into lifestyle association.

On equal plane is the integration of powerful online tools and the thoughtful execution and implementation of each. The lasting impression you give your audience will win you shelf space and derive more quality than any magazine’s circulation figures. See you out there.


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  1. Nice post Brent. i like to think of my brand ambassadors as my fans. the value of these people can not be underestimated or calculated. you can champion fans by listening, giving them the tools and permission to spread the word about you and treating them - via any means - like the gold they are. thanks for the post and good luck with the ones to come.