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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be consistent, they're counting on you and you on them...

Be consistent, they're counting on you and you on them.

Customers keep business rolling. Economic sustainability, growth and development for our community depends on bringing quality products or services to market to satisfy demand. Until you 'walk in the customers shoes' you can never truly understand the customer experience. At first glance, this may seem slightly too obvious. We're all on the customer end of experiences every day. The question is do we 'get it'?

Pundants of the true brand experience will most often reinforce the critical nature of defining, and more importantly, living your brand. Some of the greatest logo designs ever committed to paper don't stand up for the customer if every touch point, every experience, isn't consistent with the identity that has been created. Fostering its development takes time, energy and focus.

Earlier this year, I read Brand: It Ain't the Logo* *It's what people think of you by Ted Matthews. Its practical approach, sprinkled with a healthy dose of case study examples highlighting some of the best (and worse) major label brands, resonated with me in contemplating the direction for the team at Inspire Marketing.

Owning a unique position wins mindshare, and building your brand over time undoubtedly leads to preferential status in the mind of the customer for what you deliver to them everyday and in every way. Your brand is what you mean to your customers, and how you make them the most important focus of everything you do. Take a walk in their shoes; get comfortable, it's a long and steady walk.